About the Priestesshood

The Priestesshood of Felicity is a private fellowship of women that seek enlightenment, and success.

It is not a religion, not a magical system, nor is it a branch of witchcraft, but instead it is a philosophy; a style of life that leads to the improvement of life.

A historical account of Priestesses: click here [opens in a new tab].

Why be a sister of the Priestesshood

The Priestesshood of Felicity provides an empowering environment for women wanting to discover the secrets of success.

It is a life tuned to success, a place where relationships are developed, and a world in which all mysteries are uncovered.

Each new sister starts as an initiate, and through an initiation steps becomes a priestess. Continued study and practise of the philosophy leads her on to becoming a goddess.

The Philosophy

The Felicity philosophy has five core elements; Intellectual, Emotional, Spiritual, Physical, and Metaphysical.

It is by way of daily activities that each of these elements is addressed, practised, and encouraged to grow.

Life Harmonics

  • To discover life's harmony,
  • To water the plant of prosperity and wealth,
  • To be a sister of a friendly sorority,
  • To grow your abilities and find success.

This is your journey to a brighter future.

About being a Priestess

Life as a priestess is a full life aimed at attaining to the highest levels of enlightenment with an end goal of embracing the goddess within.

To be a priestess sisters are asked that they give up their worldly lives and dedicate themselves to the practicing of the philosophy. For our sisters this means moving into the priestesshood.

Being a priestess is the same as taking a course at a college; you study, you practise what you have learned, and you graduate. The only difference is you do not need to pay for this course, but instead you will earn money.


The priestesshood is a self governing fellowship that is self sufficient.

Our sisters make money by operating online businesses, and by producing hand-crafted products such as our beautiful perfumed candle range.

About Study

A common question: I was not good at school can I do this? The answer is of course yes!

The priestesshood is designed for women, and ran by women, do you think we want our lives to be difficult :) All studies are activity based, no books, writing, any of that.

Pretty much everyone that joins graduates.

About Joining

The priestesshood welcomes new initiates and if you are interested in joining you can apply for a position with us at any time.

If you are aged between 18 and 35, you have no attachments that you cannot leave behind; ie. boyfriend, husband, work, or children, and feel that you are ready to change your life to success, then please do contact us.

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The Rituals

Daily rituals are designed to cover 5 main elements. The elements are; Your emotional needs, your spiritual needs, your intellectual needs, your sexual needs, and your metaphysical needs.

In today's world achieving a happy balance is difficult and most feel they want more from life.

The purpose of performing these rituals is to create a healthy balance so you can know the secrets of wealth and success.

Metaphysical You

A successful woman is a woman that is satisfied with her life and wants for nothing.

To discover success our sisters learn the ancient arts of the metaphysical self.

Through this learning program our sisters are able to take control and then find happiness in their lives.

Day 2 Day Life.

  • Each day sisters have assigned tasks, work, and activities.
  • There are daily classes.
  • There are nightly enlightenment rituals.
  • Each day there is ample free time to relax.
  • Evening social activities are included in the course.
  • And there are outings, shopping trips, etc.

Sex & You

It is important that before joining you have a clear understanding that the study of sex is included in the course.

Mastery of self has to include the mastery of sex.

To become the absolute best that you can be your sex, just like all other things needs to be trained. At Felicity you will study the art of sex.

Work & Money

The priestesshood owns and operates online services to support its financial needs.

Each priestess has an equal share of the monthly profits from these services. It is for this reason that priestesses are expected to work a couple of hours each day. When a priestess leaves she takes that money with her.


The structure of the priestesshood:

  • The Philosopher
  • The Supreme Priestess
  • The Journeyers (x2)
  • The Paragons (x7)
The Sisterhood
  • The Goddesses
  • The Priestesses (x8)
  • The Initiates

Paragons & Journeyers

Paragons and Journeyers are an administrative group chosen from priestesses.

Paragons represent the elements Air, Sun, Water, etc. Each element has one paragon.

Journeyers are the path makers to enlightenment and represent both Time and Space.


Although Felicity is a priestesshood it does accept men into its folds. Within the priestesshood men start as understudies to the Philosopher.

When a priestess graduates she can choose an understudy to partner her in starting a new branch of the order.

The understudy then becomes the Philosopher of a new branch of the order.

The Goddess

The goddess is a philosophical concept of a woman that is of the highest order of women.

Women choose Felicity because they know that there is more to life and they want a better life.

When a priestess graduates she is known as a goddess. When all that can be learned has been learned the priestess graduates and then she is a goddess ready for success.

Our Motto:

Our world is an enlightened world,

a bright light that covers the darkness.


Click the following link enquiries@felicity.omgsnz.com to contact us and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

Please note: For the privacy of our priestesses we do not give out information about our priestesses, and the locations of our branches, the priestesshood is a sanctuary for learning.

However we are happy to answer generalised questions and enquiries.